A Brief History of Art Puzzle

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From the Lascaux cave paintings in prehistoric France, human figures from ancient Egypt and ancient Greece, Italian Byzantine, and early Netherlandish to Venice, Florence, France, Spain, Norway, Mexico, and Abstract art from the USA, you can relive the history of Western Art in a single weekend! Each time you assemble the A Brief History of Art jigsaw puzzle, you receive an entire course in Art History in a mere* fraction** of the time!

*  That’s 1/6,205,000th of the time it took to make the art, starting 15,000 BCE and ending in the late 20th century.

** Or it’s only 1/10th of the time it would take for an Art History 101 class. (But only if you don’t do the reading.)

This colorful, cultural jigsaw puzzle is a 1,000-piece wonder that deserves to be center stage. 

  • 1000 pieces
  • Minimal puzzle dust
  • Reduced glare matte finish
  • Each includes mini poster with puzzle art 
  • Approximately 12 x 36"