Beauty and Pain: Photographs by Nathalia Edenmont Catalog

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Paperback, 64 pgs., ISBN 9780939896325

9 x 9"

By Amy Pleasant, Foreword by John B. Henry III

Beauty and Pain: Photographs by Nathalia Edenmont explores the themes of fruitfulness and loss, as well as beauty and pain, through her large-scale photographs of women and nature. The Swedish-Ukrainian artist draws on her life experience, using the camera as a tool to create a unique vision of the world. Her photographs feature carefully staged elements focused on a solitary, usually female, figure against a solid color background. At first, the works appear simply to be beautifully orchestrated creations; however, upon further contemplation, these photographs reveal deeper meanings.

In her Stockholm studio, Edenmont works with a team of eight to 12 people over ten to 12 hours to compose a single “shot.” Using a large-format Sinar camera with 8 x 10 film and many lenses, she has two camera assistants—both professional photographers—a hair stylist, and a dressmaker. It is Edenmont herself behind the camera, communicating, talking with the model, and waiting for the perfect instant to capture the model’s soul on film.

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