Contemporary Glass

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Contemporary Glass profiles over 60 contemporary glassmakers working today, examining the ever increasing ways that the technical and conceptual boundaries of glass design are being challenged and merged with art and fashion. Featuring an inspiring collection of work by international artists, both emerging and established, Contemporary Glass includes the work of Angus M Powers, Beth Lipman, Brad Copping, Dale Chihuly, Fred Wilson, Ingrid Nord, Ione Thorkelsson, Mike Kelly, Minako Shirakura, Olafur Eliasson, Tanya Pak, Tobias Rehberger and many more.

The book presents essays that focus on the history of glass, from as early as 3000 BC, when it was traditionally used as a pottery glaze, through to contemporary glassmaking techniques. Further essays introduce the new approaches that contemporary makers are adopting and examines the direction in which this medium is presently moving, whilst addressing some of the recurring concepts and themes prevalent in contemporary glass design. Contemporary Glass presents an authoritative overview of an arts and craft scene that is both departing from, and building on its origins, while forming new directions within which practitioners work and wherein their work is appreciated.