Drag: The Complete Story

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Hardcover, 239 pgs., ISBN 9781786274236

10.5 x 8"

By Simon Doonan

Drag is transformation, communication and, above all, exaggeration, where gender non–conformity is the dish of the day, Drag: The Complete Story observes this increasingly complex world by exploring drag's journey through the twentieth century.

Corralled into thematic chapters, including glamor drag, art drag, butch drag, black drag, historical drag, comedy drag and popstar drag, this book is the first flamboyant and poignant survey of drag culture.  Drag: The Complete Story is not just for fabulous queens and drag enthusiasts, but for anyone interested in gender fluidity and the culture surrounding it.

"You come for the glamorous pictures and stay for the sizzling prose. Doonan writes like an angel with a sword: beautifully and provocatively." -NY Journal of Books

"Barneys' creative ambassador traces drag culture from ancient Egypt through the Renaissance to RuPaul, providing a fabulously comprehensive celebration of the intersection of gender fluidity and fashion." -New York Times Book Review

"Doonan divides the past and present landscape of drag into nine categories: glamour, art, butch, black, historical, comedy, poster, movie, and radical. Each chapter illustrates how drag queens and kings in those spaces or times periods have helped shape drag in some meaningful way – or, in the case of black drag queens, how they've shaped the LGBTQ community at large in a meaningful way." -FastCompany

"Whether you're already a massive fan of drag culture, or just interested in learning more about the movement's origins over the centuries – from tabloid scandal in the Victorian era to Emmy–award winning phenomenon in the 21st century – you'll find something to love in Doonan's extensive tome." -Bustle

"Drag: The Complete Story by Simon Doonan, writer, fashion icon and Creative Ambassador–at–large for Barneys New York, perfectly captures the delightfully drag–filled moment we're currently living in, while offering a glimpse into the long legacy of drag. Over the course of the book, Doonan is able to shine a new light on drag, offering a fresh perspective on an art form that has long gone unrecognized." -Newsweek


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