Son Of Man Pixel Art Tote Bag

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René Magritte would probably have said: “This is not a tote bag.” Distinctive and iconic, sling this Son of Man tote over your shoulder for a dash of surreal(ist) style!

René Magritte
The Son of Man

© Estate of René Magritte / SOCAN (2021)

13.5" x 17.5" 
34 cm x 45 cm

Material: Canvas
Care instruction: Washable. Dry flat.

About The Son of Man
The Son of Man by Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte is arguably one of surrealism’s most recognizable artworks. Simplistic and ambiguous, its meaning is left to the interpretation of the viewer, which was the artist’s intention.  

Painted in 1964 and intended as a self-portrait, Magritte’s aim with The Son of Man was to create an enigmatic piece of art that would continue to amaze, entertain, and pique the curiosity of the viewer.

While Magritte began his career painting in the impressionist style, his flair for surrealism soon shone through. After a disastrous first solo show in 1927, he moved to Paris where he met fellow surrealists Salvador Dali, Joan Miro and Max Ernst.

He returned to Brussels shortly thereafter where, during WWII, he dabbled with different styles before ultimately returning to surrealism after the war. It was during this period he experienced his greatest critical and commercial successes.