The Big Activity Book for Anxious People

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Paperback, 146 pgs., ISBN 9780525538066

7.5 x 9"

By Jordan Reid and Erin Williams

These days, anxiety is simply part of the human experience. Part journal, part coloring book, part weird coping mechanisms, and part compendium of soothing facts, The Big Activity Book for Anxious People will be an outlet for anyone who wants to take a break from reality, laugh through their fears, and realize with every page that they are not alone--and to help them figure out what to do when it's 3AM and they're wide awake worrying about whether they cc'ed the right "Bob" on that email. (Probably.)

Activities include: * Fun Facts about Aging * Public Speaking: A Diagram * Your Hotel Room Carpet: A Petri Dish of Horrors * Obscure Diseases You Probably Don't Have * Zen Mantras For The Anxiously Inclined * Soothing Facts about Hand Sanitizer. On a bad day, try coloring in the soothing grandma. On a really bad day, find step-by-step instructions on how to build an underground bunker. Reid and Williams want everyone to remember that they're in good company: anxious people are some of the funniest and most interesting and creative humans on the planet. (They know, because they are two of them.)

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