The Vase and Beyond

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This catalogue celebrates Sidney Swidler's gift of more than 800 pieces of contemporary clay to the Crocker Art Museum. Focusing on the vessel, the Sydney Swidler Collection is a survey of the production of more than 300 artists. It spans the work of leading figures in the twentieth-centurystudion movement from Karen Karnes to Ewen Henderson and beyond. It is also forward looking, including examples from mid-career and emerging artists who are now shaping new chapters on clay.

Swidler, who began collectin in the 1980s, not expecting to become a collector. In time, he developed a thoughtful, personal approach to collecting, realizing that, he had to limit himself somehow, so he decided everything had to have at least a vessel have started out as a pot, at least, in the potter's mind. The Creative Arts League of Sacramento has been instrumental in the exhibition of the Sydney Swidler Collection at the Crocker Art Museum.