Be Dazzling

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You're one glittery pompom away from having a better day! Inject some color and fun into your life with Rachel Burke's super-cute craft projects. Rachel, of Daphne and Daisy fame, is regularly asked how she makes her amazing bespoke fashions. Here she teaches you how to do it all: flowers, sequins, tinsel, glitter, pompoms and bedazzling galore! These projects are easy, too, with no sewing or knitting skills required. Teaching you how to achieve maximum cuteness for minimum effort, Be Dazzling brings a welcome splash of razzle-dazzle to daily life.

Chapters are:

* Gems (e.g. party socks, bedazzled collars)

* Tinsel (e.g. the golden shrug, rainbow jacket)

* Lovely legs (e.g. confetti tights, flower tights)

* Pomspiration (e.g. tote bag, necklace, party earrings)

* Flower power (e.g. headphones, flower crown, brooch)

More than half of the projects are exclusive to the book (both brand new items and new designs).