Lost Flint

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Paperback, 173 pgs., ISBN 9781467144926

6.25 x 9"

By Gary Flinn

Unearth Flint's lost history. 

The city of Flint waxed and waned with the automotive industry of the twentieth century. Where they have not vanished completely, crumbling signs of past opulence stand as painful reminders of more recent struggles. Hardly a trace remains of the Buick City factory complex that sprawled across the city's north side. The placid waters of Flint Park Lake  once echoed with the sounds of an amusement park-- games, dancing, circus acts, and even a roller coaster. Flint Community Schools pioneered a model for how schools can function outside regular hours, but too many are now closed and deteriorating. Local author Gary Flinn uncovers the abandoned places and lost traditions from the Vehicle City's past. 

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