The Ghostly Tales of Flint

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Paperback, 108 pgs., ISBN 9781467198356

5.25 x 7.5"

By Anna Lardinois

Adapted from Haunted Flint by Roxanna Rhoads and Joe Schipani

Welcome to the spooky streets of Flint, Michigan!

Stay Alert! Ghosts lurk around every corner. Even the most unexpected places might be haunted by wandering phantoms. 

Did you know that you might see a ghost instead of a show at the Capitol Theater? Or that if you check in to a certain haunted hotel, restless spirits may keep you up all night? Can you believe that Flint is so spooky, there’s even a whole haunted neighborhood— Carriage Town?

Pulled right from history, these ghostly tales will change the way you see Vehicle City, and have you sleeping with the light on!

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